Awesomeness On Great White!

Good Day Argonauts,

And my is it a good day indeed. We just did amazing on Great White on our training today! We had a rocky start though that I can’t deny. We started off with 4 on cp, 3 on chat but it steadly rose from 5 on chat, 7 on cp and it reached to our max. 9 on chat, 8 ranked argos on cp & 6 rouges. It was quite a spectacular sight indeed. I couldn’t take well pics though, my computer started lagging so we missed a small portion of the rise, Icedrift you know what I’m talking about. Take a peek shall we? (AVG: 6 – 8/MAX: 14)


Starting Size 4

Start Size: 4

Average Size 6

Average Size: 6 – 8

MAX 14!

➡ MAX 14 ❗

Wow, just wow.

Great job argos!

➡ Comment if you came ❗

 - Posywillos 😀

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  1. i was there, we were AWESOME!!!

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