Roadrunners Tourney Round 1 (RE – DO DATE)

We got time times set!

Ice here.

:arrow: Posy: Ye I'm the judge. I will participate w/ The Argos but 
I will be fair and if Green Republic 2G does better then so be it.

The Argonauts Empire vs. Green Republic 2G

:arrow:  THURSDAY JULY 25, 2013


:arrow:  10:00 AM AKDT

:arrow:  11:00 AM PST

:arrow:  12:00 PM MST

:arrow:  1:00 PM CST

:arrow:  2:00 PM EST

:arrow:  2:45 NCTZ

:arrow:  3:00 PM ATZ

:arrow:  3:30 PM Maritimes

:arrow:  7:00 PM GMT

:arrow: 12:00 AM IST (Punjab)

:arrow:  1:20 GZ

:arrow:  3:50 FZ

:arrow:  Judge: Posywillos :!:

➡ Comment if you can come

3 Responses

  1. I can come!

  2. I can come, but I might be a bit late.

  3. can I be a judje to

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