Major Sickness || Higher Recommendation

Good Day Argonauts,

Well I hope your having a good day. My Computer Issues are fixed. Some stupid malware entered into my computer but its gone now. But looks like I’ve caught the malware. I somehow twisted my neck causing major pains and the major nerves to overlap each other. Hurts like hell. So as I will be healing at home using Rub A535 & Tylenol. I’ll be handing over control yet again this week.

Leaders For This Week: Hopper, Sonic & Andrew

Assistants: Icedrift & Bluey.

Well as I know of, we are a recommendation for the next coming Top 10`s but I want us to be a higher recommendation. We`ll have to be active this week. I`ll still try to come online to make it to the events but I need more rest.

➡ Sonic I`d like it for you to book us our next training event.

➡ I would like it for all the listed leaders & assistants to comment below for their approval ❗

 - Posywillos :)

One Response

  1. i’m glad to be leader for the week

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