Banishment of Andrew.

Good Day Argonauts,

Today. A threat was presented to us & our best & brother allies, Heat Warriors. As if you check Heat Warriors site & chat now it has been hacked & played with none other than Andrew. To even let that thought come across my mind saying that we ‘trusted’ him makes my stomach turn. Andrew, you should be ashamed on what you have done. I’ve had it with you. You are now forever kicked from T.A.E. You came begging to me one day asking me to join CPPD. I said no thanks I’m already in quite some armies. You begged for a leader rank in T.A.E. I exclaimed that 4ic would be the highest I would go for you. You are a disgrace to all of CP Armies. May you be forever banned to ever join in the fun that we have in CP Armies. Good riddance!

Also, HW Leader Sonic has merged Heat Warriors into T.A.E.

 - Posywillos :D

2 Responses

  1. Finally I thought I’m not the only one who hates Andrew

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