Event Results! (Sorry 4 Being Late) [Invasions of ACP w/ AR]

Good Day Argonauts,

Sorry for being late. I had went on a small vacation. I will be going to Hopper73’s farm in early next week. Well we did good on our little training event on Great White. We averaged around 9 – 10 and maxed 14. LOOK!


That’s really the only pic Hopper73 got. My Paint wasn’t working. It is starting to do that alot now. So Hopper73 got this nice pic of us with 14. Ivy. 😆 You could have moved up a bit more but whatever.

Army Republic’s ceasefire between ACP has just come to an end. So what does that mean? Well we’ll be providing backup for their major invasions against ACP & their potential allies RPF, DCP, maybe Watex Warriors but we’ll have to see 🙂 Colonial rules. Check their site here. Whoever from I.A.E. 2G can attend make sure to be on AR Chatbox & be around me. Make sure to have your ghost outfit on and try to be colour light blue and wear any blue hat & neck item to indicate I.A.E. 2G. Thanks!

 - Posywillos :D

:arrow: NOTE: We might be declaring war on any small allies of ACP :!:

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  1. I love wearing blue on cp

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