11th Permanent?

Hello Imperials.

For the last month, we have been witnessing something that is okay but getting consistent. When we first entered CP Army Worlds we came 13th in SMAC. Not that bad, but check this out.


21/07/2013 = I.A.E. 2G = 13TH PLACE [+0]

4/08/2013 = I.A.E. 2G = 11TH PLACE [+2]

11/08/2013 = I.A.E. 2G = 11TH PLACE [+0]

18/08/2013 = I.A.E. 2G = 11TH PLACE [+0]


See the trend?

We have always been in The Close To Top 10 portion of SMAC. 11th Place for the past 3 weeks.

I’m not mad at SMAC or us. But we need to improve. No, we have to improve. I want us to get at least 9th or 8th in SMAC tops. Maybe even higher!

I believe we can soar higher than 11th Place, definitely. We must work hard to acheive it though. Recruit & Be active Argonauts

➡ Also today Army Republic turns 6 years old AND they came 1st Place in CPAC ❗ Congratulations ❗

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