PB w/ ਰੋਇਲ ਪੰਗਾ ਗੈਗ ਉਡਰ ੯ ਜੇ|

Good Day Argonauts,

We have a PB scheduled for today with ਰੋ ਪੰਗਾ ਗੈ ਉਡਰ ੯ ਜੇ| They are a foreign army and want to get known by SMAC & CPAF. So their Commander: Lord Order asked for a Practice Battle. I said alrighty no problem. Yeah as you can see their name is also foreign. I know what it name means because it’s my language but Lord Order told me that if I knew I’d keep it private. So therefore I must keep the army name private. They max at around 5 – 8.  We’ve agreed to have the practice battle on their main server: Jack Frost. They only have 2 known servers. Jack Frost & Powder Ball.

➡ PB w/ ਰੋ ਪੰਗਾ ਗੈ ਉਡਰ ੯ ਜੇ|

➡ MONDAY AUGUST 26, 2013 ❗



➡ 10:05 AM AKDT

➡ 11:05 AM PST

➡ 12:05 PM MST

➡ 1:05 PM CST

➡ 2:05 PM EST

➡ 2:50 NCTZ

➡ 2:35 PM Maritimes

➡ 7:05 PM GMT

➡ 4:05 AM IST (Punjab)

This isn’t a must come event, but try to come if you can ❗

 - Posywillos 😀

2 Responses

  1. mkay XD
    btw im the leader from SBA we are on smac top ten too you must have saw? I wanted a pb with you guys so can I have a link to your chat please?

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