The School Plan. [iBill 67-A]

:arrow: Posy: I've decided to turn this into an iBill (Imperial Bill). 
This does matter.

Hello Argonauts. Icedrift here. I understand that now is the time for all of us to enter school. So General Posy & I agreed that from now on for every week there will only be 1 – 2 events. We’ll still be active. We’re just letting you focus more on your education because it matters. But still try to check the site daily.

If anyone happens to declare war on us. Well then we’d have to show them the imperial strength. But for now. 1 – 2 events ever week, and that’d be like Scouting, Training, Recruiting, Hold & Secures, ect. We’ll try to hold back on tournaments.

➡ NOTE: Starting from August 30 to September 5 there will be no events. This is your given break ❗ Now In Effect

:arrow: NOTE 2 POSY: I know you're working on your mixtape so use this
 whole week to try and finish before school. 
Good Luck and your music will be awesome :!:

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