Special Event Results!

Good Day Argonauts,

Today we`ve had our special event hosted by Icedrift on our capital Oyster. We did good today. Maxing around 7 and averaging 5 – 6. Instead of hanging around at the Dock we decided to pay Rockhopper a visit on his ship The Migrator. Take a look.


On the birds nest. AVG 6.


In the captain`s quarters. AVG 5.

Also club penguin or I should mean disney. Has added this name glow to your penguin. As if you couldn`t see the blue circle around your penguin they had to make it a step further. C`mon disney. We`re not stupid. Also Rockhopper`s new item is The Apprentice Hat. Disney has decided to break a very old and loyal tradition of The Fall Fair. The Fall Fair has been coming for 7 years now and they decide to stop it for the Medival Party. Honestly disney you`re ruining club penguin. Taking out the Fall Fair.

 - Posywillos 😀
➡ P.S. One Final Note ❗
I know. 😛

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