Continuing Our Schedule || Not Giving Up Now

Good Day Argonauts,

   I just have some basic news. Good news in general. We’re gonna continue our weekly schedule of 1 – 2 events per week (iBill 67 – A). For until about maybe near December Break for Christmas & Kwanzaa. But other than that yes same schedule.

   I just want to say good job guys. We’ve made it into The Top 10 again. Just a little lower than what I’ve wanted but major armies from CPAC have fallen into 1st, 2nd & 3rd into SMAC. DCP, UMA & WW. We came 10th. We’ll have to just put a little more effort into our events. But that’s the fun part, right? 😛 We’ve become a recommended and consistent Top 10 army for the past 2 months. Nice job guys. Keep up the good work argos.

  A PB w/ Snow Blizzard Army might be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.

 - Posywillos :D

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