Permission Wanted 1st. (Can’t Just Randomly Go)

Good Day Argonauts,

➡ NOTE: The Water Ninjas & Ice Hounds vs. Oranges War is over anyways. They dealed with it.

Well recently our US Leader Bluey had decided it was good for us to declare war on The Water Ninjas (which he has a right to do so). But Bluey I’m really not so sure about this. So they’re messing w/ Oranges. That’s not a really big reason for us to step in. They could deal with it themselves (cause they’re smart like that). They are also our BROTHER ALLIES. Water Ninjas mean something to us & if we just go & declare war all willy nilly then allieships tend to break like that.

All I’m saying is that the best thing for us is to call off the war A.S.A.P. They max a little higher than us + I’ve been getting major high school homework as well. To be honest. We’d probably get demolished. All I want is that permission should be asked first. Yes we are The Empire. Yes we do stand tall. We could do whatever we want to do. But I don’t want to do this right now.

Bluey. We’ll talk & see what’s going on.

 - Posywillos :)

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