CPAC Champions Cup II [Info]

➡ Bluey Edit: We are against DW, LS, and IW Not against our seed.

Hello Imperials. You’ve read right! We’re invited to attend the CPAC Champions Cup II. The Top 10 CPAC & Top 5 SMAC armies are able to compete. General Posy & I have decided we should enter & show major armies what the empire is made of!


Lets be realistic here for a second. I know we’re competing against armies that max between 25 – 40. I know that’s well beyond our sizes. But I actually think we have a chance to at least get to Round II. We think it’d be extremely fun. Plus we’ll get ourselves more known. Now there are armies on the list that are quite known. We’re like those armies that are just there. Nothing known about us. We’ll lets show em’ what & who we are! WE’RE THE EMPIRE PEOPLE!

Sure people will talk smack about us. That was intended from the start. Let them. They’re probably just jealous or are insecure. No one is the bad guy in this tournament. We’ll definitely not be that’s for sure. Our average sizes are from 8 – 16. Recruiting Sessions will be scheduled/booked for upcoming next week. Time to get active people.


➡ The Empire will rise ❗


As you can see. We’re in The 4th Seed. We’re up against some armies that average our max & a little higher. We’re w/ Underground Mafias Army, Redemption Force & once again from SMAC & CP ATT&10 Water Ninjas. 😆 We’ve been place w/ Water Ninjas for a long time now. But we’ve just strengthened our allieship.  What if we face Nachos?! AH! It’s a possibility. We’ll win. 😉 jk.

Lets work hard Empire! This isn’t going to come to us easily.

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  1. Good luck 😉
    -Redemption Force

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