Bien, petit session du formation.

Hey Empire. I just wanted to go french today. 😛 The Practice Battle w/ Snow Blizzard Army was bad. SBA we’re a no show & it was later cancelled.

About an hour after the event we decided to have a small training session on Pine Needles. Was it good. It was great! We replicated our sizes from last week. Check it out! We averaged 8 – 9 & maxed 12. Still though, not good enough for showing against Dark Warriors.


E+B Tactic @ Pine Needles, Town. Maxing 12!

😆 General Posy got almost everyone to sit sideways. Almost worked. 😉 We’ll have to step our game up Empire. If we could double this size to 24, how amazing would that be. 😀

C’mon guys. We could do it!

5 Responses

  1. WTH, I stayed on from 5:00 EST to 5:15 EST and NO ONE was on chat or CP. Did you guys start like 3 hours late? We need to stick to original times. :/

    • i was on. i didn’t see you. that’s odd. we’ll book an event for probably thursday.


  3. You guys could of at least informed SBA…

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