Hi guys the title says it all. Luckily it is temorary it is just until I get my army up on its feet. I hope you guys good luck. I will try my best to go to CPAC Champions but here are some friends from IAE I will miss:

Posywillos: Helped me lead and taught me the basics and has always been a great friend.

Icedrift: You were always a great troop even though i never met you on chat I knew you in your posts.

Sonic: I am your friend in general.

Posyhopper: You were just like Icedrift.

So ya guys. I will miss you all for the moment but when I come back I will see to us in first SMAC.

3 Responses

  1. Don’t leave.Please attend event vs. DW.

  2. Awww Bluey. I’ll miss you alotz.Please do come back anytime you’re always welcome here in IAE.

  3. Come back SOON. 🙂

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