CPAC Champions Cup II – Round II

Good Day Argonauts,

Well here is our chance for redemption. We had a big loss against Dark Warriors. I’m not gonna let that happen again. We’re up against Lighting Strikers who recently maxed 20 but lost against Ice Warriors. C’mon Empire. Don’t let that other loss bring you down. Once again…


Lets show them what The Argonauts are made of.

Lighting Strikers vs. Imperial Argonauts Empire 2G ❗




➡ 10:30 AM AKDT

➡ 11:30 AM PST

➡ 12:30 PM MST

➡ 1:30 PM CST

➡ 2:30 PM EST

➡ 3:15 NCTZ

➡ 3:30 PM ATZ

➡ 4:00 PM Newfoundland

➡ 7:30 PM GMT

➡ 4:30 AM IST (Punjab)

4 Responses

  1. good luck guys go LS!

  2. Water Ninjas requests a PB
    When? Saturday 10/12
    Times: EST- 5 PM
    CST- 4 PM
    MST- 3 PM
    PST- 2 PM

    Server- Cold Front

  3. I am 40% that I will make it.

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