The Legend of The Argonauts.

The Imperial Argonauts Empire. Though not the biggest impact, it sure had one (that’s for sure). The Argonauts were strong, tense, kind, explorers, unique, but legendary? I guess we’ll let the inductions decide on that one. But legendary to me? Of course. The Argonauts were the type of army that though in the army world, always loved peace. The Argonauts were the type of army that stood strong & tall, but never considered to fall. The Argonauts were the type of army that loves to win but accepts losses when occured. The Argonauts were the type of army that never stirred much news, but when they did it got noticed. The Argonauts were the type of army that was always willing to bend through holes to find peace across other armies.

The Argonauts were the type of army that...

  • was constantly on SMAC Top 10 ever since birth,
  • was instead of dropping at the start of school, was rising (defied School Army Drop),
  • was getting sizes of 10+ on 1 bar servers,
  • was at one point the only active colonial army (1st week of August),
  • was eligible to battle in a tournament against large armies. (CPAC Champions Cup 2013)
  • was great at keeping all posts colour – coded. 😉 (like this one, and the one below, and all the other ones below)

These may not mean something to you as a reader, but they sure build up the motive of what once was The Argonauts.


The Argonauts were made real on Monday July 15, 2013. It took 2 days to get the site up to shpe with graphics & fancy stuff. By the 17th the site was open. The Argonauts had their first event, which was an unscheduled. A very nice, sweet & simple one too. Maxed 8. And continued on from then. We had a very consistent yet slow rise on the top tens of SMAC. But never fell out of it. Usually for other armies, the start of school is bad because of a decrease of troops. But somehow (and still I can’t even figure out why) we managed to rise when others were falling. Did we take advantage of other’s falling or did we get the boost? Don’t know. But it might be both. We did slowly fall. Around 2 weeks after the start of school. But we were quiet & quaint then. Nothing really happening. A bill was introduced because most of our troops were in high school (former ISCP soldiers), there was only one event a week. But it wasn’t enough to help keep us alive. We did fall into the depths of death on November 15, 2013.

Will we come back? Likely. 


There were many great troops in The I.A.E.

Bluey: Was a great leader & pushed us to the limits.

Posyhopper73: A good moderator. Always tried to keep the site active.

Icedrift1999: A quiet yet happy commander who led the I.A.E. in the final remaining days.

St. Ivy 7th: A good, active & loyal member who always helped.

Sonic: A great commander who assisted us in the early days.

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