This Isn’t The End.

I have no clue if anyone views this site anymore. If you do than you must be a stalker…. Well…. I haven’t seen Posy in a while and he said that he would remake IAE soon. Well that soon is now! We can’t give up yet! It’s the little things that got us killed. (Inactiveness and AFK) I don’t care how hard I try but we will rise. As always there is a spot for Posy with his return but until then lets make this better than the last generation.

➡ Posy: Bluey is correct. I unfortunately ended I.A.E. because of inactivity and homework. That being that most of our older generation troops were in high school. But that will change. The Argonauts are coming back. And stronger than ever. The 3rd Generation is coming. Are you ready?

Expected Date of Revival: Friday June 13, 2014.

10 Responses

  1. ok bluey! wow 2 old buddies of mine are leading this army. You have my help as an advisor

  2. cool

  3. We’re Coming Back ❗ 😀 Can’t wait!

  4. I can’t wait to be back!!! 🙂

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