Preparations. [The 1st Blessed Age]

The time is approaching near. The revival of the Imperial Argonauts Empire is upon us. The Blessed Age is coming and we must prepare. The I.A.E. 3G Head Administrators are scouting of potential leaders with the heart, willpower, respect & determination to lead The Argonauts. Anyone who still views the site & isn’t currently in The Argonauts can comment here just to narrow down our search. Scouting will begin shortly & only 3 spots are available. [1 Leader Spot, 1 2ic Spot, 1 Commissioner Spot]. Whoever feels fit to Bluey & I [there will be no elections for this leader spot due to plutocratic decisions] will be chosen but that soon to be leader must have respect. I’m likely to be Advisor. Bluey, the soon to be chosen leader & a special someone chosen from an older generation will lead (that person will be revealed on the start of The Blessed Age). More attributes of the selected leader will be talked about on the full post. We won’t just choose anyone out of the blue. This person must stand out & act extraordinary.

 - Posywillos [I.A.E. Creator]
:arrow: NOTE: Mayors will be elected for future servers.
New logos will be introduced plus fun clubs await.

The Blessed Age is near. Are you ready?

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