Commander Applications. [CLOSED]

Good Day Argonauts,

The time has come. We’re ready for a total of 3 commanders to come help out & join the Argonauts. Here is what we are looking for in our future commanders.

  • Must work together with other generals. (Teamwork)
  • Must respect any prominent Argonauts above your rank. (Respect)
  • Must obey any given objectives given by higher, prominent members. (Loyalty)
  • Must be kind & generous to other lower class members within the army. (Co – Operation)
  • Must not try to coup any other leaders. (Trust)
  • Must not let the given power get to your head. (Control)
  • Must respect the advisor. (Loyalty)
  • Must have the asked amount of experience to lead. (Experience)
  • Must be a well – rounded individual in the community. (Popularity)
  • Must have an open heart & never lie. (Integrity)
  • Must understand that if you partake or create any wrong doing in The Argonauts you have an immediate right to be fired by the Advisor. (Respect)

If you think that might be too much to ask for then you should just stop reading from now. We don’t just let anybody become commander. Here is what we ask for in experience.

[+ = Required, * = Optional]

  1. At least 3 years or more in the army community. +
  2. At least 3 months or more in reporting/the news community. *
  3. At least led 1 army or more. *
  4. At least been in the general area of owner in 2 armies or more. +
  5. At least been in the general area of moderator in 4 armies or more. +
  6. Have Medal of Honour in 1 army or more. *
  7. Have been a very popular or important individual in 1 army or more. *
  8. At least have led an event in 2 armies or more. +
  9. Must have helped out/led an army to a top 10 position. +
  10. Must be good at recruiting. +

How to leave an application.


Just leave a comment below. Here is what we think you should include in your application. Remember, there are only 3 spots available [1ic, 2ic & 4ic] so make it good & don’t lie. Speak the truth. Add anything else that you think is necessary to help you get the job! (Like interesting facts)


Include all your experience in the army community, your best attributes & what makes you special to become 1ic, 2ic or 4ic. What makes you unique & extraordinary. This isn’t a joke.

Good luck. Remember, only 3!

 - Posywillos.

5 Responses

  1. Posy, you told me along time ago IAE were returning, I might have a chance at leading is what you said. I vow that I will follow the law, I do have all of the + and * : )

    • Yes of course I remember you! You have a very high shot at getting a position. But if you could fill out a full application that’d be greatly appreciated! 😀

  2. I’m applying for 3ic

  3. I was AR 3ic SWAT 4ic WN 2ic and LGA 4ic

  4. I am very loyal and an expert satirist

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