The Declaration of Colonization under ACP.

Good Day Argonauts,

Today, was a history changing day in I.A.E. Today, the decision was made between Owners Hopper & Icedrift & Moderator Ivy on the approval of my behalf on who I.A.E. should colonize under. First let me talk about a few things.

I love leading a colonial army. I don’t know why. I’m just fond of knowing we are secure. Once again we are to colonize under…


And The Declaration between Advisor Posywillos (myself) & ACP Commander Flipmoo was signed today on ACP Chatbox @ 11:50 AM EST.


We have a lot of history with ACP. ISCP 2G our (older army who we represent now) was an ACP Colony. Whilst ISCP was under ACP, there were many other colonies (5 I’m pretty sure). So I told Kenneth (ACP Leader at the time) to create a tournament inside ACP for all the colonies. It worked out well for ISCP. We had beaten WW with good sizes, but I think we lost against LD at semi – finals. Either way it was fun. So now we’re back in ACP. But lest we forget AR.

 - Posywillos 🙂

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  1. You may never forget AR

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