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Original excerpt from AR. Reposted on IAE.

Hello Fellow Ghosts,

Let’s take a look on what happened this past week in AR shall we?

On December 13, we had an unscheduled Battle of Sleet where we went to help assist our awesome brother allies, the Nachos. ACP decided to hop on & join in on the fun. Rooms were jam packed of soldiers. Dark Warriors had retreated. We ended up maxing 21! 

A day later, on the 14th, we invaded Marshmallow from DW. We maxed 32! Great for a Monday night. Dark Warriors had quickly realized that they stood no chance & immediately surrendered. Good work Ghosts! We captured Marshmallow. That’s another for the win column. 

Another day later, on the 15th, we had a decent invasion of Aurora. Dark Warriors did show but weren’t enough to stop our powerful force. We maxed 25 & averaged 22. 

The AR Leaders had decided to hand out well deserved promotions & on December 16, an old AR Legend Fury had decided to return. 2 author spots were handed out to Coldblight & Yank. We had announced that we’ve been looking for European Division leaders & some CP bloggers for the AR site. 

On the 17th, we had our epic invasion of North Pole against Dark Warriors. From this event we can clearly see that we’ve been crippling DW because on North Pole they were once again a no show. We maxed 22 & averaged 18 with great tactics & formations. 


On December 18th Dark Warriors tried to recapture their old capital server Frosty from us. They had launched their attack but we had successfully held back their raid. We maxed 30 & averaged 25.



 On December 19, DW declared an unscheduled raid of North Pole which we just had raided & we crushed the no show DW. DW really can’t keep their word on being an actual army can they. We maxed 34 & averaged 30. 


In Colonial News…

The Imperial Argonauts Empire are in the current process of re-establishing their empire. Their assistance in AR is well noted & cannot go without being mentioned. They’ve recently captured Jack Frost, Jackhammer, & Wool Socks. 

That’s all for this week! Let’s hope to have another great week! See you next Saturday!

P.S: Nuggetpreet is our epic mascot.

 - Posywillos

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