Declaration of War on CP Flood. [Cancelled]

Invasions Cancelled: CP Flood merged into Doritos.

Good Day Argonauts,

Today, Icedrift & I saw a threat on our hands in the S/M Community. CP Flood Leader & probably the only person in the army, Rocks is demanding for another army, the Time Lords to pay an unreasonable ransom of the server Half Pipe, to merge into Flood & an unjustified ransom of 500 xats. This is unacceptable. CP armies are here to have fun but this isn’t fun. We will be sweeping the Flood away. We’ve gotten permission from AR Dark Lord Flame.

Message to Rocks: This is unacceptable. Your acts of terrorism & buffoonery will come to an end. Asking for a ransom of 500 xats from an army? That’s very low of you. Looks like this flood was only a small rainfall of 1 centimetre. You & your 1 man army is a joke.

On the 19th Rocks had also asked Star Wars Army for a ransom as well. Come ask us for a ransom too. 

You are evil and we will stop you. Raid one of OUR servers, and we’ll declare war.

 ~ Rocks, Flood Commander. (to Star Wars Army)

This just goes to show how much of a weak & pitiful army the CP Flood really is. Rocks is even banning CP SMAC Staff. Ban me then too, I was the old VP. No one is scared of you Rocks.


➡ Opponent: CP Flood



➡ 4:00 PM PST

➡ 5:00 PM MST

➡ 6:00 PM CST

➡ 7:00 PM EST

➡ 7:30 PM Newfoundland

➡ 12:00 AM GMT


➡ Opponent: CP Flood



➡ 4:15 PM PST

➡ 5:15 PM MST

➡ 6:15 PM CST

➡ 7:15 PM EST

➡ 7:45 PM Newfoundland

➡ 12:15 AM GMT

Icedrift: There’s a flood coming? No need for raincoats. It’s just a small drizzle.

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  1. thank you for looking out for the Star Wars Army

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