SMAP Winter League II Round 1 Results.

Good Day Argonauts,

Unfortunately we didn’t have our best showing at round 1 of SMAP‘s Winter League II. We averaged 2. And I also couldn’t take pictures because my paint wasn’t pasting the screenshots. So far we have 0 pts. in the tournament. Let’s pick it up Argos.

Plus to the Night Rebels ownership. We all clearly saw the victors before the battle had begun. But there’s 100% no need to come onto our chat saying things like: “99.9% IAE will lose” & “Did you see our chat size?”. That’s completely unsportsmanlike, unnecessary & unprofessional. Also one of your penguins named: ‘Insideout1’ is an old multi-log used by Dark Warriors in the war where AR crushed them. And please don’t come to us after asking for us to merge into NR. We are & will forever be loyal to AR

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