Unscheduled Hold & Secure of Tuxedo Results.

Hey Argonauts! On Friday around 10:30 PM EST we decided to have an unscheduled hold & secure of Tuxedo. This past week we’ve been seeing Tuxedo bouncing around from AR‘s hands to RPF‘s & vice versa. AR successfully invaded Tuxedo at the start of this week but RPF didn’t know how to handle the loss so they claimed victory while knowing that they only maxed half the size of AR. Later RPF held an AUSIA Division raid of Tuxedo but I believe that doesn’t count because AR doesn’t have an AUSIA Division [rule is stated in The Mammoth Clause which both RPF & AR signed a while back]. So we just decided to make sure Tuxedo stays in AR hands. We maxed 7 & averaged 5 with exceptional tactics.

Other News: Naked Blue Penguins are now our allies!

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