Command Change || This Is Our Time

Good Day Argonauts,

Some of you may or may not know. This is my final week in the CP Army Community. So for this week & for my final time, I’ll be taking lead of this army. Side by side with Icedrift & Nuggetpreet. I’ll be coming out of my advisory position. This is something that we all decided was the best currently for the army. 

In other news our father army, Army Republic, has recently declared war on the Special Weapons And Tactics. This will also be the final war that I’ll be in so come out to your calling to bear arms with AR

From what I’m seeing this week, this is it. This is our time. We can make major standards next week if we put in work this week. How am I seeing this? The armies currently 9th & 10th have been maxing 9 – 15 last week. We can do that cleanly. But we need just a couple of more events to add up our points. We’ll do what we must. If it can’t happen this week. Please, please try when I’m gone. Let this be your driving force. 

 - Posywillos.

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