CP Army World Servers & Map Update || Addressing IAE’s Server Loss

Hey Argonauts! Just today at 3 PM EST, the CP Army World held their Coalition meeting discussing the topics of Servers & Updating the Map. Large armies & S/M armies were present during the meeting. I believe large armies were able to hold up to 6 – 7 servers after the reform. However, S/M Armies were able to claim their capital & were able to have 2 other servers beside their capital. Here were our servers before the reform.

  1. Oyster [Capital] 
  2. Jackhammer
  3. Jack Frost [IAE -> NR]
  4. Wool Socks
  5. South Pole [IAE -> WV]
  6. Inverno [Portuguese]
  7. Rocky Road


  1. Oyster [Capital]
  2. Wool Socks
  3. Jackhammer
  4. Inverno [Portuguese]

Yes, we indeed lost a few servers. They will be missed. We did successfully claim Oyster back as our Capital. All S/M armies who were present were called upon to claim their sole Capital. After they were recalled to claim their 2 side servers, adding up to a grand total of 3 servers. We successfully obtained the rights to Wool Socks back. Alongside Wool Socks we sent a claim to Jack Frost, that was already taken by a larger army, Night Rebels. After that we sent a claim for South Pole. However South Pole was already claimed by Water Vikings, a large ally of AR. We finally sent a claim for Jackhammer & it was unclaimed so we successfully got it. We’ve kept Inverno since it is Portuguese & no one will likely go for it. 

Antarctic & Dry Ice were seen as free land so we decided to invade & capture it. Our invasions are scheduled for Tuesday July 12 & Thursday July 14. We had no control over which large armies claimed which servers. We were lucky that no large army grabbed Oyster. Large armies had their say first, then smaller armies.

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