Revitalization Of The Argonauts.

It’s time we get back up on our feet again. We’ve been slumping our way towards the break & now that we’re here it’s time to leave our mark. We have had our goals made on December 12, 2015 when we were revived. So far we haven’t made any solid moves to achieve them. We need new goals. Here are some to help get us going.

  1. Reach #1 on SMAC at least once.
  2. Reach CPAC Standards on at least 2 occasions. 
  3. Win a S/M Tournament.

All these goals are ones that we can certainly achieve. The highest we’ve ever been on SMAC was 4th place on 3 separate occasions. We have yet to reach CPAC standards but we can definitely make it. We haven’t won an S/M tournament since the CPAF New Years’ Tournament back in 2013 as ISCP. And of course we’re still continuing Posywillos’ goal to have us alive for 1 full year.

I believe these goals will help give us the power we need to strive for these next 2 – 3 months. Let’s pick up the pace Argos. 

 ~ Posyhopper73

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