[US] Defence Of Jackhammer Results.

Hey Argonauts! Today [w/ the aid of AR] we successfully defended Jackhammer. This was out first ever battle in a war ever. In the past IAE had declared war or had been declared war on but the wars had ended earlier for their reasons. However this war is legit. We competed against LGA & won by a good margin. We maxed 13 & averaged 11. Tactics were awesome. The battle had first started off in the Town. The Argonauts were there & LGA made their presence known within minutes. After successfully winning the battle in the Town, LGA had retreated to the Ice Berg where we once again beat them. Shortly after the LGA retreated to the Stadium, only to be led by their surrender, confirmed by AR‘s Representative to IAE: Flame.

Current War Score: 1 – 0 IAE

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