Addressing AR’s Role In The War.

This post is just for clarification for LGA. I understand that LGA is seeing an overwhelming amount support between AR & IAE. I am aware that LGA Leader Greeny & AR Advisor Yank had a discussion between AR’s role in this war. Whatever the case, AR is doing their job in keeping the empire safe. A colony is a colony. It’s owners must do what they can to protect it. 

On December 13th of last year, Posywillos had issued a colonization contract between AR & IAE, pressing out the fine details. Both sides came to terms with this contract, including former AR Leader & Legend Burr. Let me talk about some articles that apply to this situation.

AR has the right & must attend to any & all IAE defences against invading armies.

     2nd Topic, Article 1.

Should AR choose not to attend IAE defence then the contract can be broken & AR will fail to protect their colony.

     2nd Topic, Article 2.

Any invading enemy of IAE cannot stop AR from attending IAE’s defences.

     2nd Topic, Article 6.

Should IAE enter a war through defences against any enemy, AR can choose to provide normal support but the opposing army cannot dictate the amount of support.

     3rd Topic, Article 2.

These were the some of many articles discussed with & worked on between Posy, Burr & Vinny. Since we’re a colony, we must abide by all the rules set here & enforce them by all means necessary. I understand that what LGA is seeing may be overpowering, but whatever the case, AR is just doing their job to protect their empire.

Not only that, but most AR Initiates aren’t even showing up. Just AR Moderators & Owners are coming through to defend. A great example of this can even be seen here even during yesterday’s events. Prior to AR’s scheduled Invasion of Snow Plow, IAE had their Defence of Jackhammer against LGA. IAE had maxed 13. Fair enough. AR was present. However in AR’s Invasion of Snow Plow, just 30 minutes later, AR maxed a solid 23+. So even in this case AR is providing their minimal yet necessary support. 

So far no talks are being made to adjust or update the Colonization Contract between AR & IAE. If we feel anything is going by unjust then a meeting will be called on to fix these errors.

To LGA: I know AR is a large army providing their support. For sure you must’ve known that IAE is a colony. But complaining about it or trying to change it isn’t going to lead us anywhere. If you however do have a problem with it, it’s just inevitable. Simply put; you shouldn’t have declared war on us then. Greeny had told me that he just wants to clear the land around the Wild Ninjas because it’s a huge cluster of different nations. However I think we’re just fine sitting in this cluster. I like it. If Greeny you do feel as if the rules are unjust then let me know & myself & AR Owners can work on the fine print of this contract. Just know for next time, it’s not LGA vs. “AR”. It’s LGA vs. IAE. Simple.

The rules between AR & IAE have already been dictated. Now we’re just enforcing them. The full contract can be seen here.

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