Peace Treaty w/ LGA.

Today, the Leaderships of Lime Green Army & Imperial Argonauts Empire negotiated a peace treaty involving many moves.

Here are the Terms & Conditions of what I like to nickname: The Blue/Green Treaty.

  1. IAE cancel invasions against LGA for Yukon, Sled & Cold Front.
  2. LGA cancels invasion against IAE for Oyster scheduled for late today.
  3. LGA wins the Battle of Wool Socks by a very small, minimal margin.
  4. LGA receives 3 points in the standings, IAE receives 2 points in the standings. 
  5. LGA transfers Wool Socks back to IAE.
  6. IAE cancel invasions for free land servers Tea & Yeti.
  7. Treaty of Peace until December 7, 2018.
  8. The war is a draw.

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