Legends Cup VII – Round 1.

Hey Argonauts! With our most active week ever in our recent history, we topped it off by placing 1st in SMAC. But it doesn’t end their. We’ve officially qualified for our 2nd ever CPAC tournament. This time the 7th instalment of the Legends Cup. Our last run with the big guns didn’t end the way we wanted to. We placed last in our group back in the CPAC Champions Cup II in 2013. But for sure we’re ready this time. Of course our label as underdogs still carries onto this tournament. It’d be amazing even if we move onto the 3rd round. But we’ll do what we can & show the major armies that we aren’t here to mess around. Here’s the times.


❗ ROUND 1 ❗

➡ SUNDAY JULY 24, 2016

➡ Opponent: Nachos



➡ 11:30 AM PST

➡ 12:30 PM MST

➡ 1:30 PM CST

➡ 2:30 PM EST

➡ 3:00 PM Newfoundland

➡ 7:30 PM GMT

We’ll be up against the Nachos. A couple of weeks ago, their alliance with AR was in question but they’ve made up since. We wish the Nachos the best of luck & we’re looking forward for this epic showdown. 😀

3 Responses

  1. Good luck! Whenever IAE participates a tournament, Nachos win it! So let’s go Nachos 😛 . I hope we enjoy this!

  2. It’ll be a great battle. Greetings from Cookky2, a Nacho member.

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