The Final Run of The Argonauts.

Good Day Argonauts,

Our end last September left us without a trace. We died indeed. Coming so close to our goal of surviving for a year. That year has passed now. But we still have our blood pumping ready for more. The Argonauts are back. With ambitions higher than ever. We will, for once & for all, leave our mark in this amazing community.

Posyhopper & Nuggetpreet will be leading this final run. I’m not truly coming out of retirement for this. I’m here as an advisor. We are continuing our long relationship with Army Republic. The community has dimmed. We are the last remaining colonial army. Times have changed. SMAC is gone. We’re running with the big boys now. And we’ll let them know we mean business. This tiny engine runs just as fast as them. This tiny heart pumps just as big as theirs.

The Argonauts are back.

Mandatory to read.
With respect to AR's Final Event being Saturday March 25, 2017, 
the Imperial Argonauts Empire's Final Event will be Friday March 24, 2017.

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