For Once And For All || Welcome To Forever

oIt was said after the end of NASA’s STS program that “Don’t be sad that it ended. Be happy that it happened.” This could be said for the entire CPA Community. Be happy that such relationships were forged, such bonds were created. Such events were held. Such leaders led to prosperity. Just like those STS missions, the Argonauts took flight, on their respective path to add.

The Argonauts were always a different army. They strived for peace & genuinely having a blast. As the same could be seen for their father army, The Army of The Republic. Seasons came & left, but the Argonauts were the same. Everyone could recognize this army by either 3 ways. That one small pacifist army (in which we excelled in). That one colonial army any empire wanted with them. Or that one army with a unique name. In either case, the legacy of the Imperial Argonauts Empire is still the same. A strong, powerful brigade that enjoyed peace over war.

I can honestly can & will standby this statement forever, that the Imperial Argonauts Empire were the greatest colonial army in the community. The IAE reached great sizes under a multitude of leaderships. But one thing that was important to take away from each leadership, was their willingness to accept the call to bear arms for the father army. Every leader accepted the doctrine of putting loyalty towards the AR Empire before the IAE. All while also serving as a minor training regiment for AR. Though I can’t say the Army Republic would have died without their colonial support. I can say the Argonauts provided amazing support for the Army Republic in urgent times of need.

Burr: IAE, today, stands out in my mind as AR’s first official colony, however, their significance goes beyond that. Posywillos’ determination as IAE’s most recognized leader and his loyalty towards AR was an invaluable service which greatly contributed to both armies success with wars in their respective spheres of influence. I speak on behalf of all of the Army Republic  leaders and legends around for our work with the Argonauts when I give a huge thank you for their help and congratulations on all of their success!

Sairal: Where can I start? IAE has helped the Republic tremendously when we were in times of need, like defending servers & just having a fun time! There was never a dull moment at IAE events mainly because the Commanders Nugget & Hopper kept it so lit! IAE had a key part in AR’s success & will forever be ingrained in Army Republic history.

Alisa: IAE was in important part of AR, being that they were our colony, we supported each other. IAE was a fantastic way to show AR troops loyalty as they were committed and dedicated to logging on to support their colony, and vice versa.

Vinny: Real.

Yankees: The bond between AR & IAE is one I have not had very much contact with. But the love between both armies is one of the rarest things I have seen. AR & IAE forever.

Meme: IAE, while being revived later in the later months of CP, has not failed to be a significant aspect to AR. You guys have always brought in witty comments & a helping hand. Y’all are the chilliest fam & were the raddest colony AR could have.

Icedrift: I have never seen a better relationship between a major army & its colony. It was honestly a true joy being a part of something so special in the community. The Argonauts always answered the call to bear arms with the Republic & in turn AR provided the best protection. Posywillos worked hard to maintain such a relationship, to even devoting his loyalty to AR over IAE. And we all did the same. I will say it hands down, The Argonauts were the greatest colonial army ever seen. And while being AR’s only, together they’ll go down as a great S/M & Large duo.

Posyhopper: When Posywillos told me IAE were to colonize just weeks after creation I was doubtful. But it was for sure the best decision we could have made. AR & IAE had a better colonial relationship than most armies did have alliances. Though I came in late to take the Sith Saber Mod rank Posy left for me after he retired, we ended up having an amazing time. I managed to secure an owner spot just in the nick of time to keep the family tree ownership in AR going (Posy-3ic, Nugget-2ic, Me-3ic). The Argonauts run deep within AR Ownership & will forever be an integral part of it.

The Argonauts took colonizing very seriously. So much, that a contract was forged between both armies which can be read here. I have spent my entire S/M career working with colonial armies & creating strong & meaningful colonial ties between empires & their colonies. I had done a great amount of work back in 2012 when ISCP was under ACP. And I continued such work ethic & excelled with IAE under AR.

The Argonauts displayed such characteristics that many S/M armies didn’t. The IAE never truly pushed for greatness. The IAE never had any reason to bother anyone. The IAE loved & fully practiced pacifism. Week in & week out the Argonauts worked simply to create an environment where soldiers enjoyed themselves & had leniency. And it worked.

The Imperial Argonauts Empire.

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