About the IAE Leaders,

1. Posywillos [Creator]

2. Bluey [2nd Leader/US Division 1ic]

3. Sonic [3rd Leader]

4. Posyhopper73 [4th Leader]

5. Pengton19 [5th Leader]

6. Icedrift1999 [6th Leader/Final Leader of 2nd Generation]

7. Posywillos [7th Leader, 3rd Generation/1st Blessed Age Leader]

8. Icedrift1999 [8th Leader, 4th Generation/Alpha-Beta Age Leader]

9. Nuggetpreet [9th Leader]

1. Posywillos’ 1st Rule in The Argonauts: Posy was the founding father of The Argonauts. He’d been through everything with them. From The Original Age all to The Blessed Age. With all of Posy’s experience he’d boosted popularity & morale of The Argonauts very high. Always constantly in The SMAC Top 10. He worked hard to keep The Argonauts a peaceful, pacifist & yet a strong driving force in the small/medium army community. Always maxing 9+ on 1 bar servers. He was like the Earl of Oyster. Posy had seen the early days, the school ‘drop’ rise, the small declines & the death. But his glory will always live in The Argonauts.

[Time of Rule: July 15, 2013 – November 15, 2013]

2. Bluey’s 1st Rule in The Argonauts: Bluey was a great friend of Posy. And Posy gave him access to the top spot in The Argonauts. Bluey pushed The Argonauts to the limits. He was mosty present in The Original Age, & was there at the school ‘drop’ rise. Bluey assisted a lot, but he wasn’t any sidekick. Whenever Posy had to leave, he was very confident knowing that Bluey could fill him in. Unfortunately on October 5th, Bluey decided to retire so he could assist his own army. No one was mad. He said he’d come back. Bluey was a prominent member in The Argonauts society.

[Time of Rule: July 25, 2013 – October 5, 2013.]

3. Sonic’s 1st Rule in The Argonauts: Sonic had a breif & quaint time in The Argonauts but he did lead at one point. He was a lingering figure. But when he worked, he worked hard. He loved to strive. Posy & Sonic were great friends. Sonic was mostly present in The Original Age, but he did some goods things in The Argonauts. He recruited very well. But no matter how short his rule was, he’ll be rememberd dearly.

[Time of Rule: July 27, 2013 – August 15, 2013, September 5, 2013 – September 14, 2013]

4. Posyhopper73’s 1st Rule in The Argonauts: Hopper is Posy’s cousin. Which most didn’t know. Hopper had only been in armies for 2 years & learned everything from Posy. Hopper had been with Posy since the 1st generation of the International Soldiers (ISCP). When Posy was on leave in late August, Hopper had got his first ever experience as leader, alongside with Bluey at the time. This is where his experience paid off. Even though Posy was gone for 3 days, Hopper had scheduled an event. It was a great one. For his first lone event ever as leader he managed to average 14 on Oyster. Hopper was praised by Posy, even though he was originally a high ranked moderator before being called up to lead with Bluey. Hopper stands close in The Argonauts’ heart.

[Time of Rule: August 26, 2013 – August 30, 2013]

5. Pengton19’s 1st Rule in The Argonauts: Pengton was actually never registered in The Argonauts. His fond for the army came when I.A.E. was able to qualify for The CPAC Champions Cup. He did lead one tournament event against the Dark Warriors. He managed to even recruit a couple of others. Even though we maxed 8 at that event, & lost it was still a nice feat for Pengton. He was a great friend of Posy’s. He’ll be rememberd for that task in which he took upon himself as his liberty.

[Time of Rule: September 29, 2013 – October 2, 2013]

6. Icedrift1999’s 1st Rule in The Argonauts: Icedrift was the only ever female leader in The Argonauts. She’d also been working with Posy ever since ISCP. Unfortunately, Posy was given the decision to either leave The Argonauts so he could continue as 3ic of Army Republic, or lose his spot as 3ic & stay in The Argonauts. It was Posy’s first time in an owner spot for a large army. So Posy had decided to leave. No one was mad because I.A.E. was a colony of AR. So technically Posy was still here. Posy had made Icedrift the final leader once he had left. Posy told Icedrift that you can lead for however long you want & it doesn’t matter if I.A.E. dies. Icedrift had led The Argonauts for the final week in The Imperial Age. She had led 2 events. Both maxing 10 & averaging 8. She’ll be remembered for trying her best.

[Time of Rule: October 26, 2013 – November 1, 2013]

7. Posywillos’ 2nd Rule in The Argonauts: Posy had decided to take a stroll down memory lane & felt the urgent need to revive the Argonauts. He did so on May 30, 2014. Everything seemed normal again like once back in 2013. Posy was leading, all regular Original-Imperial Age troops were back & attending. Posy had decided to call it ‘The 1st Blessed Age’. Though in reality, it wasn’t blessed at all. Because AR had died long before The Argonauts had colonized under ACP. Posy had entered I.A.E. in The Sky AllianceRed Legion War. Unfortunately however, only 2 events were held in The 1st Blessed Age. All traces of life were gone after June 11, 2014. He wanted to keep the Argonauts alive, but he knew in the future ages, he shouldn’t lead. 

[Time of Rule: May 30, 2014 – June 11, 2014]

8. Icedrift1999’s 2nd Rule in The Argonauts: Icedrift along with a few other former members was planning to bring The Argonauts back for one last time before CP ends all activity of armies. She did so under Posy’s advisory. She started leading on December 12, 2015. A full year & 6 months later. She kept the sizes of IAE steady & very well active throughout her time. She decided to continue carrying out the 1 event per week plan back from 2013. She helped maintain a strong relationship with Army Republic. Argonauts saw a decent rise in the SMAC Top 10 with her at the helm, steadily rising, rarely falling. By the end of Feburary the Argonauts were 1st in Top 10 S/M Armies of the month, under her leadership.

[Time of Rule: December 12, 2015 – present.]

9. Nuggetpreet’s Rule in The Argonauts: Nuggetpreet had previously been participating in AR event prior to becoming a commander in IAE. Nuggetpreet has a respected presence in the AR Community. Posy had selected him to join the Argonauts & lead alongside Icedrift. Nuggetpreet had accepted. 

[Time of Rule: February 29, 2016 – present.]


  1. Posywillos.
  2. Bluey.

Why Posywillos was inducted: Posywillos was the creator of The Argonauts. The founding father that had built everything up. He made a name for us as a ‘peaceful yet almighty’ army or a ‘driving force’ in the small/medium army community. He helped us achieve 10+ sizes on 1 bar servers. Made us achieve 5th in SMAC‘s Top 10 & made us eligible to partake in a large army tournament where we displayed ourselves against the large army world. He’s done great things including creating the Argonauts. That is why he is a Legend.

Why Bluey was inducted: Bluey is a great comrade & a leader. It is known that he did push us to the limits & brought us tonnes of activity site wise & army wise. He led The Argonauts many times when Posy had to leave & did great. Out of the 4 times Posy had to go on temporary leave, Bluey held 5 events, all maxing 10+ on all 1 bar servers. He’s a great leader. That is why he is a Legend.


  1. St. Ivy 7th.
  2. Posyhopper73.

Why St. Ivy 7th was inducted: Ivy was always a generally active & prominent member of Argonauts society. Always posting & updating the site regularly. He had great work ethic & was always an active troop. He remained all throughout The Original Age, The Imperial Age & The 1st Blessed Age. He did his best to recruit. Though after the end of The 1st Blessed Age & the 2nd death of The Argonauts, all contact with Ivy was lost. He’ll remain a great first generation troop for I.A.E.

Why Posyhopper73 was inducted: Hopper had his great leaps & tests during Posy’s absence in The Imperial Age. He worked alongside Commander Bluey, holding 1 out of the 6 events held during Posy’s 3 day leave, alone. And during that lone event Hopper managed to hold a 14 troop average on our historic capital Oyster. Overall, Hopper was an active troop & still remains one today. His feat will never be forgotten. 

How to become a Hall of Famer or Legend in The Argonauts:

You must be really active & look like you deserve the spot. You must always try your best to keep not only your head up but others’ as well. You have to prove yourself worthy & make Argonauts your #1 army.

With all great members in armies, there sometimes do come along some rotten ones too. Here’s The Argonauts’ Hall of Shame.


  1.  Andrew.

Why Andrew is in the Hall of Shame: Andrew was a noob. Most that know him can agree. He first came to Posywillos begging & pleading for an owner position. Posy decided to be nice & said sure. Just for a test run. Posy would regret it later. A couple of days before Andrew coming, he came to Posy & pleaded to him to join CPPD. Just so he could get a recruit. Posy had simply said no & turned down the offer. Apparently before Andrew came to The Argonauts, he was in CP Police Department. Where he had lost his owner position there, so he was looking around for a new oppertunity. The first act of Andrew in I.A.E. was he created an allieship between I.A.E. & CPPD. Which was nice. But a day later he thought he had the priviledges of commander & he declared a false statement of war on CPPD. Most said he was butthurt. Posy had cancelled right away but decided to give him another chance. He demoted Andrew to 5ic. 10 days later after seeing no trace of Andrew on Argonauts website, I.A.E. had seen something of him on brother allies, Heat Warriors site. Andrew had hacked HW Chat, with his name all over it. He then later defaced HW stie & he was gone forever. Posywillos immediately took action & banished the noob named Andrew forever. 

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