Here are the ranks for The Imperial Argonauts Empire.


●Imperial King Commissioner: Icedrift1999, Nuggetpreet
♠Royal Vice President: Posyhopper73
♣Cadet Commander: Sonic
❖Empire Director: Pluto I V
☢Major Lun:

——————OWNER LINE——————-

★Advisor Commandant: Posywillos
AR Representative to IAE: Flame
IAE Ambassador to AR: Icedrift1999

—————–SPECIAL RANKS—————

✩Moderator Commissioner: Yankees, Wheelo
✫Colonel Bund: Sairal, Alisa 1102
✬Auxiliary Staff Superintendent: MemeBean
✯Chief Warrant Officer: Sprite 0115, Jody 475, Kyle 75642
✰Constable: N1ght
✧Head R.I.C.O:


Member Commissioner: 
Armed Oyster Park Rangers:
Private 1st Class:
Loyal Argonauts Corps:
1st Battalion:
73rd Platoon Division:
R.I.C.O. Squad:

——————MEMBER LINE————–

Special Agent:
Sub Inspector Apprentice: 

——————PATROL LINE————–

Creator: Posywillos

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  1. I think there should be someone for ” Major Lun”

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